What Would Regina Wear?

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Can I nominate these 4 ones for the Regina’s 10 best outfits? :) I didn’t know how to explain them in the text post so I just made them all in one pic haha

Absolutely! You can use submit, ask, email, or twitter to nominate via photo or episode/scene :)

Nominate your favourites and we’ll vote!

What are Regina’s 10 best outfits?

posted 1 month ago


My new Bedroom. Mainly Regina Mills/Disney Villain inspired.

This is amazing.

Sean: I thought I was gonna get killed, so I was kinda happy a new script arrived and I wasn’t dead! When I saw Maid Marian was coming back, to be honest - this sounds terrible, but I was really disappointed. And the reason I was disappointed is because I really love playing opposite Lana and we have a lot of fun together and I thought maybe next season, I’m not gonna get to play with my friend every day.

This is too adorable I cannot. 


I really fought for that relationship. Meaning, uh, with producers, because, uh… (x)