Let’s talk about gloves. 

  • Zelena’s green gloves, of course, are representative of her “wicked” green skin. In Storybrooke she is fair skinned and in her conversation with Rumple claims to like it. But she puts on the gloves to battle — reclaiming her “wicked” self. Green represents her curse, her envy and insecurity, but it also represents her power. 
  • Regina’s gloves are red. Wearing gloves is not necessarily notable, it’s Winter in Maine, but she’s worn black in the past. And alongside Zelena’s green, they tell a story. Clearly red is Regina’s power color.  Red can stand for “evil” (ex. Star Wars) and is often shorthand for rage or love (both fall under the passion umbrella). Red pops up for other characters too: Snow’s coat, Henry’s shoes — people tied to Regina and in opposition of Zelena. FWIW, green was also Pan’s color.
  • Emma’s gloves are boring in comparison, but it’s notable that she is wearing them during her magic lesson — they connect her visually to the other magic users.
  • The most significant and most recent use of gloves in the Disney canon is in Frozen. Elsa uses her gloves to conceal, and cut off, her power. While gloves do not hinder Regina’s or Zelena’s (or Emma’s) magic, like Elsa, Zelena was forced to hide and deny her magic as a child and last season Regina tried to stop using magic (and Emma wants to deny her magic once she’s won this battle). As an aside, Elsa’s power color is certainly blue.

Once Upon a Time: Season 3 episode 16 Regina’s black and blue dress


Once Upon a Time: Season 3 episode 16 Regina’s black and blue dress

Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) wears this black and blue contrast v neck dress in this weeks episode of Once Upon a Time.


It is the Victoria Beckham Contrast Sleeve V-Neck Dress. Sold out.

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Regina has worn the color blue very consistently in her scenes with Robin. Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty and understanding.


Two sisters. Two life problems.

Regina + amazing neckwear in It’s Not Easy Being Green

Ha. Thank you, that’s a good reason and response. 

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Robin Hood

I have so many thoughts about Robin and Regina and none of them seem to lead to anything resembling happiness. Is Robin working for or with Zelena? If she’s really after Regina’s heart that seems a good way to go about it. If the pixie dust/lion tattoo/true love plot has any merit ….is Robin Regina’s match because he’s a bad guy? Because that would be actually horrible. Is Roland going to be offered to Regina as a Henry replacement? Is she going to be content with that? Does the show expect ME to be content with that?

I’m scared. Can anyone out there give me reason not to be?



Two sisters, two lives. The trapped vs the castaway, the wanted vs the unwanted. Evil vs Wicked.